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Carus Elpizo Lumen
Artist | Student | Literature
My Life:
In all honesty, my life is as average as about anyone else's here on deviantART. I'm a teen learning how to be a better writer and artist in high school. I run an extremely small business selling prints of my original artwork, requested pictures for my fellow students, and some basic drawing lessons. Like most guys in my age group, I like a girl, but I have absolutely zero experience in girlfriends and relationships (cue sad face), and I hope I don't mess it up when I finally get one. I'm mainly a novel/short story writer, all seeming to involve kids getting superpowers with a few good twists, and I spend a lot of time just typing away at my computer for my hopeful career as an author. My friends and family alike have pretty boring lives as it is, the highlight of our weekends usually being a new movie or occasional party. Still, it's a content sort of life, and I enjoy it for what it is.

My Story:
What you have read above is a simple mask I wear. Half the time people think I'm around is when my duplicate will take over my life. No, I have a more important role in this universe, and, in all honesty, it beats my "life" in coolness any day.
I am a Celestial Knight LV3, one of hundreds of naturally-born guardians of peace and purity gifted with unlocked magics in order to help our quest. We live in a universe inhabited with thirty-eight other sentient species across fifty-three other planets capable of life. Certain branches of magical feats are possible, and have even been incorporated into some of our advanced technologies. Most of the humans on Earth are unaware of these revelations because we are part of the Ignorant Planetary Test, where the Big Five universal organizations study us and four other planets oblivious to true magic and technology in hopes of unlocking their own lost pasts.
I am what's known as a Lythiurn, or Creator (y2000), which means I have the power to call forth portals to the 9th Dimension, a blank realm where mere thought transforms into real objects, worlds, and even living beings. Along with this ability are my powers to control and direct light, form shields made of the universal energy, manipulate the memories of those around me, and summon my personally-made Auric Armor, which amplifies my powers, lets me control my three chakram throwing weapons, and, oh yeah, FLY.
My allies include Crystal, the immortal golden homunculus of air and my current familiar; Drake Agger, a dino-human hybrid and my best friend (after he tried to kill me, kind of - long story); Goldwyrm, a dragon infused with Darth Vader-level tech, gifted with magic and his own swords and chakrams back in his story; my loyal Creations, living beings tied to the 9th Dimension made over centuries of Lythiurn, most with unique abilities of their own; the Heroes of Memory, half-human, half-Creation characters with unbeatable skill and power; and the Storyteller, a fellow Lythiurn with power over the 9th Dimension and darkness, who I can't even remember fully for whatever reason, no matter what I might have felt about her before. Together, they helped me and the rest of the Knights wipe out evil and corruption throughout the universe: most notably were the Shadowsons, an army of dark Creations led by the infamous Dekato Skia, a Creator responsible for the deaths of seven whole planets, including ours, and returned to life after 13,000 years of imprisonment, who wished to wage war against us all - Creations, humans, and Knights alike.
There are many bits and pieces that I'm trying to connect together right now, things that don't exactly match up; Drake's current whereabouts, the backstory to Dekato Skia's rise to power, and how my ally, the Visionary (aLV9y2000) Radieux Rose, is connected to our battle. Since the threat of the Shadowsons seems to be over, I continue to search for the answers to my questions. All the while, I tell myself that my experiences will be good for my books, a collection of real-life (but unbelievable) adventures of myself and my fellow warriors of good, the stories of my own Creations, and my predictions for a certain prophesied harbinger of doom to the entire universe called the Collector (but that's another story, too). And who knows, a few dedicated readers of what I hope will be out of many may even believe me, and therefore closer to accepting the universal community when we feel Earth is ready for us to reveal ourselves to them, and we are once more part of something a little larger.
These are only a few highlights of my stories so far, and I hope I have a few more ready by the time I'm ready to go into publishing.

So, these are my two sides; one that's easy enough to tell and believe, and one that requires a bit of an explanation in order for people to think it's a mere outlet for a creative child. I won't be the one to say which is true and which is false, so I leave it entirely in your hands what to make of these. Either way, thanks for reading, and I hope I at least entertained you a bit.
This latest break might have been a personal record, but cut me some slack - my girlfriend broke up with me because I mixed up her birthday's date with her slumber party. I'm allowed to grieve over the near-year we went out, right? I mean, it was pretty much our first problem in the entire relationship, so her dumping me right then and there with flowers in my hand at her door is an obvious response. :roll:

Meanwhile, I've been doing all kinds of creative stuff without dA to drive me forward. You wouldn't believe the absolute TONS of stuff I've got going on that benefit the projects I've all but abandoned over the years. Anyone remember that group I tried to make, Celestial-University? I'm working with experts to make that actually happen! And when it's done with the seemingly-endless creation, it'll be the most amazing roleplay-storytelling group on dA! Who knows, I might even have to open a Tumblr account, which, despite the fact that no one I know can explain the dashboard or layout, might have promise with my work. :wow:

Speaking of my work, I'm thinking about releasing more of my stories without any kind of complex system to dictate how they're submitted. RiSE & fAll, D-Rebels, The After Records, maybe even snippets of my OTHER scripts to give myself some variety. Oh, and I can't forget the Carus... tales, of course - those are my personal favorite so far, for reasons that aren't totally related to how I share my name with it. Maybe I'll even get some more drawings on here, which of course includes the commissions and trades I've neglected to upload for a few months by now. :O_o:

Oh, and because I can't make a Journal entry without mention of this, my Homestuck flock of readers has grown at my school to the point where I can have actual conversations about characters and weird time plots! None of them have reached the latest updates yet, but they're getting there quickly. I've had to made some sacrifices, however... To edge them on, I've had to experience their own favorite pastimes, from Stardust to Supernatural and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yes, My Little Pony. You are now talking to a Brony. That's a total fact right now and forevermore. Deal with it. 8-)

And here's the announcement I know you guys will find most exciting: I'm staying! After a consistent schedule of just dropping off the face of the Earth since my arrival, I've finally got the time and energy to deal with the chaos of this site and all who inhabit it! I'm even more active on Skype with talking - actually talking - and sharing private works! Isn't that amazing? It's almost too good to be true, isn't it?! :eyepopping:

Well, that seems to be all. I swear, there's some sort of phrase I'm supposed to use here in celebration of something, but... No, nothing comes to mind. Kinda weird, actually. Maybe I'm just supposed to say "Happy Easter" since that was yesterday? Yeah, that's it. HAPPY EASTER! There, that should do it. (I think.)

- Carus Lumen,
The Creator (y2000), Celestial Knight LV3, and aspiring artist/producer/writer.
  • Listening to: Cherubim - Toby "Radiation" Fox & ot
  • Reading: The Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare
  • Watching: Lilo and Stitch/Kung Fu Panda
  • Playing: Xenogears
  • Eating: Easter candy
  • Drinking: Water

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